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Top 5 Wedding Apps

March 15, 2013 by  
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Top 5 Wedding AppsThese days there’s an app for everything. So, it’s so surprise that new wedding apps are popping up all over the place. From planning the event, to collecting photos from guests after the big day, brides and grooms can stay organized with these helpful wedding apps.

1. Appy Couple

A stylish way to share your wedding with guests, Appy Couple makes sure that guests stay in the loop and have all the details they need for your big day. This app is especially helpful for destination weddings; you can make it easy for guests to plan their trip.

2. Wedding Songs Planner

The right music is essential to any great party, including your wedding. To make sure that selecting your music is fun, and not stressful, the Wedding Song Planner app helps you pick your wedding songs in matter of minutes, not hours.

3. Wedding Party

Leaving disposable cameras on reception tables was a way for couples to see their wedding through the eyes of their guests, but it wasn’t all that cost-effective. Now, with the Wedding Party app, you can capture all of the amazing photos from your wedding, for free. Batch upload makes it quick and easy for guests to share their photos with you.

4. Perfect Wedding Guide

Planning a wedding requires a lot of organization. Rather than carrying around a heavy wedding planner, many brides prefer just using their phones or iPads to organize all of the details for their big day. The Perfect Wedding Guide allows brides to stay organized with your to-do lists, budget and guest list.

5. Wedding Scan

One of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is registering. But, it can be difficult to find a couple of stores that have everything you need. WeddingScan allows you to register for any item at any store by scanning the product’s barcode with the iPhone app. When viewing the registry at weddingscan.com, guests can choose to buy the registered item from Amazon, or choose to buy it later in the store where it was registered.

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