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The Benefits of Multi-Camera Wedding Videography

June 22, 2012 by  
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When you’ve chosen professional videography for your wedding, the first question often is ‘What package will best cover my wedding day?’ The answer is as different as each wedding is unique, but one thing will always be true: While an experienced McElroy videographer will capture a tremendous amount of detail, two or more videographers will capture that much more.

During your wedding service, 2 or more videographers will give your video editor more options to choose angles that best show emotions and reactions during such a powerful event. With multiple cameras, one can cover the Groom during the vows and the other the Bride, so, even years later when you pull your wedding DVD or Blu-ray off the shelf, you can see how you reacted to each vow and smile that your new partner cast your way. You can even relive the groom’s first reaction to his bride as she walks down the aisle. The ‘action/reaction’ edit is something we take for granted in movie and television storytelling, and can be yours for your entire wedding day.

Multi-Camera WeddingsIn the same way, 2 or more angles on your reception entrance, first dance, and cake cutting will allow you to keep important faces always in full view. Without facial expressions in clear sight, it’s hard to remember exactly how someone was feeling in the moment. Most human connections are made through eye contact. Don’t lose those important moments: Use more angles of coverage for your wedding.

Multiple videographers also allow coverage in separate locations. One camera can capture the bride and one the groom during the pre ceremony, or one camera can capture the session with your photographer while another films the cocktail hour with the rest of your guests. It’s always fun to see your guests’ reactions to your beautiful place settings, food, and interact with one another: All moments that you would normally miss while your being photographed.

Often times, the Bride and Groom get dressed and made up in separate houses or hotels and when that happens, it’s not really feasible for 1 videographer to cover both, so he or she will choose to cover only the bride or only the groom depending on the couple’s preferences.

In certain circumstances, small difficulties with single-camera weddings can arise.

Multi-Camera your CeremonyFor example, in Jewish tradition, often the service takes place under small and restricting chuppah. With the Bride, Groom, officiate, parents, and other wedding party members in such a tight space, it can be easy to have faces obstructed from view, but with multiple cameras at different angles, there’s a greater chance of keeping facial expressions within sight of a camera.In Hindu, Middle Eastern, and many Christian Orthodox traditions, many rites require the wedding party to change position or separate temporarily, making it difficult for 1 camera to cover everything.

Make certain that your ceremony, reception, and the rest of your wedding day is properly covered: When deciding on a video package for your wedding, consider the value of multiple cameras.

There’s only one opportunity to capture it all!

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