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Kwang Jung “KJ”

Kwang Jung Wedding VideographerI majored in Communication and Studies in Stetson University in Deland, FL.

I’ve got a Degree of Broadcasting Media in Seoul, South Korea and used to work at broadcasting station and learned to operate most professional video cameras.

I worked as a head videographer in Esolis Production for 3 years and I used to work as a freelancer for long time and did wedding for photo and video in Orlando and most area in FL.

I love to catch precious moments for newly brides and grooms for their happiest times. Specially, when I look at them through the frame, I can feel their vivid pleasure.

I have volunteered and served as media group director in Orlando Greenhill Church since 2000 and teach middle and high schools kids the photography and video and I take care of all Sunday services and most events in the church.

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