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Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of McElroy Weddings What will we get?

Every wedding, regardless of package, is shot in High Definition by professional-grade cameras such as the SONY XDCAM and Canon HD SLRs, so every bride and groom is assured that they are receiving the best quality.

McElroy Weddings will base the shooting on your schedule and package length. The wedding day is then chronologically divided into sections, edited into chapters, and burned to DVD or upgraded to Blu-ray for final delivery. As every wedding is unique, the chapters can be divided differently by request, but typically the DVD is divided into the following chapters:

mcelroy weddings DVD menu online video player wedding
DVD Menu with Chapter Navigation Wedding Trailer
  • Trailer
  • Pre-Ceremony
  • Ceremony
  • Photos
  • Reception
  • Credits
Trailer The wedding trailer chapter is an artistic blend of video from throughout the day that serves to summarize and highlight the best moments and the setting of the wedding. Set to a song of your choice, trailers can take on different tones from epic and dramatic to subtle and relaxed, from energetic to calming: The selection is yours to make.

pre ceremony boston wedding ceremony
Pre-Ceremony Ceremony
The pre-ceremony chapter is comprised of footage of the bride and groom before the ceremony. Often, the most touching videography comes from filming a groom smiling nervously as he dresses in his tux or playful interactions between a bride and her bridesmaids. Moments like these can be just as important to capture as the ceremony itself because they are deeply personal and have excellent insight into the emotions and character of the wedding party. Be sure to choose a package that will accommodate pre-ceremony footage: You will never regret preserving these memories. The ceremony chapter is exactly that: The rite of matrimony. The goal in this chapter is to portray the ceremony as close to the actual events as possible. That means the groom and/or officiate will be given professional, wireless microphones, discretely worn on the lapel so that no vow is lost. It also means that the editors at McElroy Weddings will only take out pauses, bobbles, or transitional moments and nothing else. On rare occasions, wind or other factors can make it impossible to record live music, thus a song to cover the processional and recessional may be needed, but McElroy Weddings always strives to use the naturally occurring audio so your day remains exactly as you remember it.

wedding formals wedding reception
Photos Reception
Perhaps more aptly named ‘photo documentary’, this unique chapter follows the wedding party as they take formal photos. Watch as your photos come alive, but also catch moments between the poses: The limo ride to the formal site, stunning panoramas of the location, family moments, the first glances between newlyweds . . . If a picture can say a thousand words, than video can say a million. All the best moments are compiled and edited to a song of your choosing. This chapter takes on similar goals to the ceremony chapter in that the event is maintained as close to reality as possible. On site, professional audio can be run directly from the DJ or live band to the camera so no toast or song is lost. Editors, for time purposes, will transition seamlessly from speech to first dance to cake cutting without missing a single important moment. The chapter concludes with a carefully edited montage of all the best (and worst) dance moves. Natural audio is usually the preferred choice for most brides, grooms, and editors, but song selections can be incorporated as requested.

mcelroy weddings credits screen shot
Credits DVD & Blu-ray
Credits come in 2 forms: Basic and Hollywood style. The basic credits list important names (Bridal party, officiate, parents, grand parents, etc.), favorite quotes, and messages against a black screen and set to a song of your choice. The Hollywood style credits also list the information above to a song of your choice, but also include additional background footage from throughout the wedding day. This footage includes clips that may have been left on the editing room floor or clips that come from different angles in multi-cam wedding packages. Highly customizable, the credit chapter is yet another way to personalize your DVD or upgraded Blu-ray. We offer both traditional DVD and Blu-ray DVD for your wedding. McElroy Weddings was one of the first in Boston to offer blu-ray weddings and we’ve been offering this for over 4 years now.

We know HD and to experience your wedding in this format is a very special experience.

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